Founded in 2005 by Graham Lucas, who originally trained as a sail maker, Touareg Tents identified the market and need for high quality Bedouin style tents in the event industry. All tent products are manufactured in-house at our CMT which boasts a total of 13 industrial sewing machines and a highly skilled and trained workforce of 12 individuals, giving us the capability to manufacture any tent structure of any size. All our tents that have been manufactured with the introduction of the CMT are of the highest standard in the world and are 100% waterproof. Offering our customers unbeatable value and the most competitive prices available has ensured our rapid growth and success in the market


The Touareg tribe are members of a nomadic Berber-speaking people of the southwestern Sahara in Africa. Their tents are traditionally made of white cotton and are woven by the Dogon tribe. In times past the Touareg used to hide in their tents for protection from the desert elements. For Touareg men duties included moving the heavy tent four times a day to ensure their mistresses could sit in the shade. What better way to enjoy and event in Africa than with a flexible, traditional Bedouin style tent from Touareg Tents.